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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smooth Moves

Confession: I go through unhealthy food phases.

While I do opt for healthier choices the majority of the time, I definitely have my food funks now and again where my diet is very incomplete. (Read: I eat only a sweet potato for dinner. Not so healthy, folks.)

In my home, it's hard to get away with such things under the watchful eye of my very health conscious husband. He is always reminding me that it's important to get a good mix of nutrient rich foods in, even when my tummy is begging for nothing but a bowl of cereal for dinner. And most of the time, I smile and nod... and ignore him completely. Bad, I know.

For about a week now {immediately following my extended "Valentine" binge on chocolate and other assorted things I do not usually keep in the house for the sole reason that I will, indeed, eat them} I've been experimenting with smoothies. I figured that whipping up a smoothie in the afternoon right around the time that I start getting that craving for something unhealthy will help me incorporate some of the foods that are missing in my diet. 

It's been pretty fun coming up with different concoctions! Most of my smoothies thus far have included a combination of the following ingredients:

Berries - blue, straw, and black (fresh and/or frozen)
Yogurt - Traders Point Creamery Organic Banana Mango, to be exact
Rice Milk

I am looking forward to my next grocery trip so that I can stock up on more fun stuff to toss in the blender... even veggies. Watch out... someone's gettin' crazy! ;)

Here are some of the observations I've made during my smoothie adventures:

1. A good blender is essential. I think ours is on the verge of it's demise, mostly because of the scary noises it makes while doing it's job. Something along the lines of blending a handful of screaming pebbles. Frightening.

2. Bananas rock. They just do.

3. I love a thick smoothie, but in order to blend properly you need some added liquid, hence the rice milk.

4. Berries are delicious & add lovely color and nutrients to a smoothie... However, I do not enjoy the seeds they leave behind. Makes me feel a bit like I'm competing in the watermelon seed spittin' contest at the county fair.

5. Warning: Do not let your smoothie turn into a milkshake. I have been using the yogurt I mentioned sparingly because it is a whole milk yogurt and does contain a bit of sugar. Be careful that you don't let your "health smoothie" turn into a Fat & Sugar Fest by adding things that have more empty calories than nutrients.

Well, that's about all I have to share for now. I'll start keeping track of ones that turn out well, and the ones that are duds, too. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few recipe links: One from Men's Health (of all places?!), and the other from Eating Well.

Happy Blending! :)


Anonymous said...

I love how you said I smile and nod and ignore him completely. That had me cracking up

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