The Kitchen Prep: Goat Cheese + Walnut Covered Grapes

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goat Cheese + Walnut Covered Grapes

Guess what???

I've got some big changes coming up for The Kitchen Prep this summer that I can't wait to share.

Some of them I have to keep under wraps for a bit, but I can start by sharing something small. {Otherwise, I may just explode from the anticipation.} For example, the fact that you can now reach the blog by simply typing into your browser.

A tiny thing, I know, but this thing is seriously my baby and that itsy bitsy little change is comparable to it's first step. It's enough to send a girl twirling around screeching, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!" all Liesl-style. {Please tell me you remember this part from The Sound of Music. I have now scoured Google for a clip of that scene with absolutely no luck... and am utterly disturbed at some of the things that pull up that are completely unrelated to this. }

Anyway, food.

So, if you are as fabulous as I think you are, you will no doubt be invited to lots of summer cookouts and fancy soirees {or, you know, just backyard get togethers} over the next few months. And most likely, you will either be asked to bring a dish or will volunteer {even though you barely have time to shower, let alone whip up something fabulous} because you are a polite party-attendee.

If you are like me {and I hope for your sake you are not}, you will probably rack your brain for an original, delicious crowd pleaser that doesn't have you slaving away in the kitchen all day and arriving at said party looking like a disgruntled mess.

Well, guess what? I think I found the solution.

Look at these adorable little things! It's like a baby cheeseball swallowed a grape.

I'm a little bit in love with them. And you will be, too. Four ingredients. Semi-healthy. Kinda fancy. So yum.

Tell me you don't want to get invited somewhere right now just so you can take these.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Goat Cheese & Walnut Covered Grapes
Slightly adapted from A Decade of Cooking Costco cookbook

2 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 ounces goat cheese*, room temperature
A small bunch green or red grapes
2 ounce package chopped walnuts

In a small bowl, combine cream cheese & goat cheese. {With a hand mixer is the easiest way. If the mixture is too stiff, you can add a splash of milk or a tablespoon or two of Greek yogurt.}

Coat each grape in about a teaspoon of cheese mixture. {This part is messy, recruit a friend & cut your work/mess in half.} Roll each ball in walnuts.

Refrigerate to set, then serve with toothpicks or skewers.

Makes about 15. Double recipe for larger batch.

{*I know several of you are not goat cheese fans and often ask for substitutions. Mascarpone would work as a good substitute in this case, or plain cream cheese would be just fine as well.}


Anonymous said...

these look FAB and YUMMY!

C. Reed
Jupiter, FL

The Kitchen Prep said...

Thanks! I love that they are sort of impressive looking for a 4 ingredient, no-cook appetizer. A winner in my book! :)

Handyinks said...

Great recipe, and fabulous write up! I am going to try to do something similar for Thanksgiving appetizers. I always dread when people ask me to do potluck because cooking is not really my forte... This sort of recipe is my only hope! Thanks. :)

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