Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Kitchen Prep Approved Holiday Gift Guide

Believe it or not I DO step foot outside of the kitchen every now and again. I can also hold a conversation without mentioning Nutella, baking, or The Food Network. {Though it takes everything in my power to keep it that way.}

When I first started writing The Kitchen Prep, I would occasionally talk about things that caught my eye like the latest Lilly dresses, essential kitchen accessories, favorite products and such.

But that was back when I'm pretty sure the only person reading this thing was my Mom, {Hi Mom! Thanks for reading!}, and it wasn't very fun to share things when it was just a once sided conversation. So, I started concentrating more on writing about what most cooking blogs are actually about: Food. And I'm glad I did because that's what brought you here! :)

Now that I'm not just talking to myself {well... most of the time anyway}, and we've established that food is what goes on here 99% of the time, I thought I'd put together a little gift guide for the holidays that include some of my favorite things in case you're still getting some last minute shopping done.

{I know. Who do I think I am, Oprah?}

1. Pure Fiji Products for Those in Need of Pampering

I know lotion and candles are so "been there, done that", but I've got to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the products from Pure Fiji. The first time I tried them was at The Spa at the Breakers, and I was immediately hooked. Their scents are so fresh and clean that they never fail to mentally transport me to a place of tranquility... even if I'm just in my plain ol' bathroom and not luxuriating in a whirlpool at The Breakers. {My favorite is the White Gingerlily, in case you were wondering. Hint, hint.}

2. White Barn #2 Chestnut & Clove for Setting the Holiday Spirit
Speaking of fantastic smelling things, I am slightly smitten with White Barn #2 Chestnut & Clove products at Bath & Body Works. It smells like someone bottled up the holidays. And it's kept my house from having an unwanted "Eau de Puppy" scent since we got Farley. What more could you want?

3. Anthropologie goodies for the Vintage Lover

C26654525_095_b            26216648_102_b

If You Wash, I'll Dry Dishtowel            Hobnail Pitcher

Anthropologie is one of those stores that I have to be mentally prepared to visit because 1. I almost immediately become overwhelmed and want to look at everything at once, and 2. I will max out my credit card before I even know what hit me. Their stuff is cute, quirky, and just different enough to make you feel like you're scoring a great vintage find instead of a mass-produced item that millions of people have {which is actually the case, but we can pretend, right?}. I think it has something to do with the fact that everything they carry has the most amazing packaging. Ever.

4. Lilly Pulitzer for the Prep Enthusiast

Lilly Pulitzer Urchin Bangle
Product ImageLilly Pulitzer Seahorse Shoreline Tote 

I'll take one of each. Please, and thank you.

4. Swoozie's , Fornash or Grateful Bags for the Monogram-Obsessed
Personalized Square Tray - Navy Rugby with Lime Green

I'm not sure if you've ever picked up on this, but I am ever so slightly obsessed with anything monogrammed. It's true. I'm surprised my husband hasn't woken up with our initials tattooed onto his forehead.

Well, Swoozie's, Fornash, and Grateful Bags completely understand my need for personalization.  They have tons of adorable products that can be customized with names, initials or monograms. What could make a gift more special than seeing it marked with letters that make it just for you?

5. NatureBox for the Health-Nut-Do-Gooder-Foodie

Remember a while back when I introduced you to NatureBox? They're a company that sells yummy, wholesome, packaged snacks that you can subscribe to have mailed to your doorstep each month, a fact that is pretty cool in itself. Combined with their commitment to help feed hungry kids across the nation {they donate 1 meal for every box purchased!}, NatureBox makes the perfect twofold gift - one that can make you feel good inside and out!

6. Farmhouse Fresh Products for Those Who Love Food in All Forms

This is a last minute addition to my personal wish list. I just happened upon the Bourbon Bubbler Kentucky Whiskey Body Scrub about a week ago and found myself wanting to use/drink/roll around in it. Farmhouse Fresh products are natural, vegan, and sulfate, paraben, & gluten free... and with scents like Whoopie {whoopie pie scented}, Butter Rum, Clementine, and Backcountry Caramel, it is hard to convince yourself that these body products don't double as a snack. Buy them & use them... just try not to eat them. ;)
I know Christmas is just a week away, so hopefully this little gift guide will help you cross those last few names of your list... or give you some ideas on how to use up the gift cards Santa will be leaving in your stocking this year.
Happy Shopping!
*These products are things that I would enjoy or have personally used. I have not received any form of compensation for this post {though I did receive a free NatureBox to review for a previous post}, and the opinions are all my own. If you're still looking for a gift for me, this is a good place to get ideas. ;)


Marie said...

Nice to see the not so ordinary gift ideas. Only wish more people were so creative in gift giving or at least thinking.

Thanks for the tips.

Happy cooking :-)

p.s. I seem to be posting challenged today!

Dianna M. said...

@Marie - Haha! I've had days like that, too. ;) Happy Holidays to you!

Sloane@ Life Food and Beer said...

Because I'm a "Foodie", people always buy me kitchen gadgets, but I'm not into kitchen gadgets. I'm one of those people that enjoys chopping or labor intensive task yo can think of! The Bourbon body scrub sounds awesome, by the way!

Dianna M. said...

@Sloane - I'm the same way! Not only do I not really care for tons of gadgets in the kitchen, I also don't have enough room to store them! And yes, that body scrub smelled insanely good... good enough to drink! ;)

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