The Kitchen Prep: The "Instant Vacation" Cocktail/Mocktail

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The "Instant Vacation" Cocktail/Mocktail

Florida, you owe me a vacation.

Why? Well, because it's already hot. Really hot. And June just started.

What happens when it's really hot out? You start thinking of pools and bikinis and umbrella drinks. And where do you find those things? On vacation. {Or really, just down the road around here... but you know what I mean.}

So, that's my reasoning right there. I wouldn't have even thought of vacation had it not been for all the sweat and humidity and whatnot. And our last real vacation was almost a year ago. So I'm thinking another one is in order soon.

Who's with me?

Speaking of vacation and umbrella drinks, I've got just the thing to hold you over before you sail away or head out to some exotic location on a jet plane. And luckily, you don't need a boarding pass or a passport to enjoy it.

Does this drink look familiar? Some call it a "Lava Flow", some the "Miami Vice." You'll see it all over cruise ships and touristy hot spots on the beach and I'm pretty sure each spot has its own name for the concoction. Call it what you want; I just call it getaway in a glass.

It's basically a Strawberry Daiquiri topped with a Pina Colada. The only bad thing about that is that most of the time these drinks are made with crazy artificial mixes that contain anything but real strawberry and real pineapple, so you end up with a gut-full of food coloring and artificial flavors. Yum. I don't know about you, but when I'm on vacation I'd rather spend my cheat calories on local goodies like conch fritters and key lime pie.

On the plus side, it's very easy to recreate this cocktail at home using real ingredients that are actually good for you! My rendition includes frozen strawberries and pineapple, tart lemon juice and creamy coconut milk. Blended with a little ice, it becomes the best frosty sipper for cooling down from the blazing heat {and you'll get some fruit in your diet at the same time}! This version is alcohol-free, but you can most definitely add a shot of boozy goodness to each layer if you want the full effect.

You're not off the hook, Florida. I still want some R&R...but this will keep me cool until you pay up. ;)

The "Instant Vacation" Cocktail/Mocktail
*This recipe is an approximation. You can blend yours to suit your own taste.

Strawberry Layer: 
1/4 cup frozen strawberries
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
3-4 tablespoons water or juice of choice {orange juice would be good here}
A handful of ice cubes
{Optional} Simple syrup or superfine sugar for sweetening - I didn't use any and it was on the tart side.

Blend ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and frosty. Pour into a glass and keep glass in freezer until ready to add the second layer.

Pineapple Layer:
1/4 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1/4 cup coconut milk {the canned kind, not the coconut milk beverage kind}
2-3 tablespoons water or pineapple juice
Handful of ice
{Optional} Simple syrup or superfine sugar for sweetening

Blend ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and frosty. {Add more liquid if too thick.} Carefully pour over the strawberry layer.

Serve with a straw, preferably in an island paradise. :)

**A shot of light rum or dark rum would be a great addition for an adult version!


Shaina Wizov said...

Miami Vice is my FAVORITE frozen drink. I will never forget when I was 19 and went to St. Thomas and was introduced to this by the poolside bartender (who became my BFF during the trip). I haven't had one in so long and now you have me craving it!

Karis said...

I just recently decided to give my liver a little break, so I'm loving the timing of your mocktail recipe!

Allie BakingAMoment said...

Gorgeous! Love where the pineapple starts swirling with the strawberry. Pinning this beautiful treat!

Alice // Hip Foodie Mom said...

Dianna, I'm with you!!! I need to be transported someplace else vacation-y now! :) love this mocktail. . so pretty!!! How are you feeling? :)

Jess @ On Sugar Mountain said...

Oh how I need an instant vacation right about now...this cocktail just ended up on my weekend "must make" list! :D

dina said...

what a fun drink!

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