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about me
Hi! I'm Dianna and I love all things culinary. No, really. Even the parts that aren't too much fun like peeling potatoes and de-veining shrimp. {I know that's a little bit strange. I'm ok with it.} I find it all very therapeutic. I have no real training, but I did learn quite a bit by standing next to my grandma in the kitchen and watching her make delicious things. She never had a fancy kitchen either, so I figure I have no excuses. I also enjoy shopping for food related items & gadgetry, reading cookbooks from cover to cover, and entertaining in general.
I live with my husband, Steve, and my yellow lab, Farley, in sunny South Florida where it's ice cream eating weather almost all year long. Aside from cooking, sampling, and reading about food, I do try to be involved in things of a less caloric nature like writing, creative projects, & spending time with family and friends who are often willing to be the guinea pigs for my recipes {which is part of the reason why I love them}.

I have an Etsy shop where I sell my hand painted wares: Tickled Pink Crafts. I root, root, root for my Alma Mater, the University of Florida whenever possible. I love neatness and organization. I heart Lilly Pulitzer (I blame it on my close proximity to her playground - Palm Beach). And I'm always trying to come up with something new to work on. In short, I can't sit still.
The hubs loves to eat & try new things, so that works out well for both of us. We subscribe to an 80/20 healthy-to-decadent ratio in our diet {with a lot of gluten free options}, even though I adore baking. {Posting about the latest sugary things happening in my kitchen makes me giddy}. You'll see a mix of sensible {but tasty} food and naughty treats around here.
I'm pretty sure that the way I feel about food, especially pastry & baked goods, is the way art lovers feel about art. I've been known to stand in front of bakery windows and display cases with my mouth ajar in awe of the beauty that is food, and I have to restrain myself from spending all of my {very restrictive} budget on fun ingredients & kitchen tools. My walls would be adorned with French macarons, meringues, and truffles if it weren't completely abnormal and extremely messy. You get the picture.
Having a blog has presented me with some exciting opportunities that I absolutely love. I'm a contributing writer for Honest Cooking Magazine online, I'm part of AOL Kitchen Daily's Curator Network, and I've gotten to see one of my recipes in real-life print in Taste of the South Magazine {Jan-Feb '13, Cast Iron Edition}! I also get to try out amazing products from really cool brands on occasion, and I hand pick the ones that I think you should know about.

I'm always open to new opportunities, so if you think we'd work well together or have a product I should check out {or if you'd just like to say hi!}, don't be shy, and send me an email at: thekitchenprep@gmail.com.

The Kitchen Prep is my way of channeling all of my creative & culinary energy into one tidy place. I hope you'll stick around as I share my messes and successes!


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